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QUIZ: Build a ridiculously OTT milkshake and we’ll tell you how your dream boy will prompose

Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…or, uh, prom?

It may only be February, but prom season feels like it’s just around the corner. This means that we’ve got to check out the latest fashion week looks and the Grammy’s red carpet to get inspo for our dresses and start thinking about our dream date.

Of course, we need to actually be asked by our dream date to go to prom with them. Just imagine Harry Styles serenading you and holding a sign that says “Prom?” on it. It’d be like ‘Love Actually’ but one thousand three hundred and seventy two times better.

Ugh, literally life GOALS.

Pick a Disney inspired prom dress and we’ll ship you with a boybander to go with

QUIZ: Which boyband member will you marry based on your taste in wedding dresses? 

While we can’t promise you Hazza (sorry, we would if we could), we can tell you exactly how you’ll be promposed to this year. All you need to do is make a super over the top milkshake, and we’ll tell you EXACTLY how your dream date will ask you to prom. Don’t ask how we do it, it’s just magic, okay?

Oh, and be sure to share your results with us over in the comments down below – or it won’t come true (jus’ kidding). 

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