QUIZ: Could you be BFFs with Shawn Mendes?

We’d be hanging out at with him 24/7

Shawn Mendes is one of the nicest guys in pop. He’s a complete sweetheart and we know how much you guys love him.

To celebrate his birthday, which is today btw, we’ve decided to put together a special quiz for the Mendes Army to delve into.

Have you ever wondered whether you could be BFFs with Shawn? Well, we’re gonna give you a highly accurate, ridiculously in-depth answer.

That’s right. Our epic quiz will give you a glimpse into the future to see if you’re true best-friend material. Would you and Shawn get on like a house on fire? Or are you worlds apart?

As it’s Shawn’s birthday we’ve even thrown in some super tough questions for you to solve. Like what puppy would you get him to celebrate his big day (if he wasn’t allergic to dogs)? Obviously choosing the right one is crucial when it comes to being a BFF…

What % did you get? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Try our other popstar quizzes by clicking here and share all your result by tweeting @MaximumPop

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