QUIZ: Answer these riddles and we’ll let you into Ravenclaw’s common room

Wave away the wrackspurts!

Surely getting into the Ravenclaw common room is the easiest, right? You wouldn’t want to risk the wrath of the Fat Lady, nor would you want to get drenched in vinegar thanks to the Hufflepuff lot. And let’s face it… No one is going to the Slytherin common room willingly.

All you need is a bit of logic and an answer to a riddle or two and that brass eagle will let you in. Bosh. Sorted. Can you do it?

Just a reminder that this guy was a Ravenclaw:

And if the wizard who got Voldemort stuck on the back of his head can work it out, then surely you can too. JUST SAYIN’!

If you pass this ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ quiz we’ll show you the new illustrated cover!


What % Potterhead are you?

There are also some pretty swish Ravenclaws to be hella proud of too. Like this absolute legend:

Who doesn’t want to be the granddaughter-in-law of Newt Scamander? (Oof, that’s a tricky sentence). If you think you’re as badass as Luna Lovegood, then get to it. Beat the Ravenclaw guardian and bust into that common room! You have four minutes. GOOD LUCK!

How did you do? All you needed was one correct answer to get in, but if you got more you deserve a gold star. TEN POINTS TO WHICHEVER HOUSE YOU’RE IN!

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