Q&A with Becca Fitzpatrick: “I think I could have told ‘Hush, Hush’ in one book”

Dangerous Lies CoverWe got to chat to Queen of Smoulder and international bestseller, Becca Fitzpatrick, about YA, fallen angels and swoonworthy romances. Check out the full interview below.

After Hush, Hush was such a success, people may have assumed you would stick to fantasy, but it seems you’re more drawn to the thriller side of lit. Would you agree? I like to challenge myself. I think sticking with paranormal romance would have felt comfortable, but it’s awfully hard to grow as a writer if I always feel comfortable. Writing romantic suspense was a way for me to test myself as a writer. But what the switch in genres really boils down to was that ‘Black Ice’ and ‘Dangerous Lies’ were the stories I felt drawn to.

Are you more fond of writing series, or stand-alones? I write the story that feels important to me. Sometimes that story needs more than one book to be told. Sometimes I can tell it in one book. Had I been a better writer when I wrote ‘Hush, Hush’, I think I could have told the story in one book. I think I continued Patch and Nora’s story longer than necessary because it felt safe to stay with characters I knew well, rather than push myself to explore new worlds and characters.

Why do you write YA? I write about teen characters because my own teen years were filled with events that had a big impact on the adult I am today.

We’ve noticed that you occasionally come up against criticism for your female characters and whether or not they are good feminist role models in regards to how they behave in romantic relationships. What would you say to those critics? Writing is not an agenda to me. I’m not trying to prove something or present a guidebook on How to Live. Just because a character acts one way, or believes something, doesn’t mean I act that way or hold that same belief. A book filled with so-called role models doesn’t appeal to me.

We saw that Dangerous Lies used to be called Sapphire Skies. Any reason for the change up? My publisher changed the title. I think they wanted the the title to sound more like a thriller than a romance.

Can you give us 3 reasons people should most definitely read Dangerous Lies? Read it if you love summer love, swoonworthy romance, and small-town secrets.

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