Q&A with Queen of Teen, James Dawson: Hogwarts houses, 2016 reads, and advice on coming out

All Of The AboveOn Twitter, we asked you what questions you’d like to see in our Q&A with award-winning author James Dawson – and here are your answers to some of our favourites. 

Were any of the characters in ‘All Of The Above’ inspired by real life people? The characters were somewhat inspired by people I went to school with, but each is a composite of many people and are real extremes of personalities. I guess Polly is the one most based on a real friend. Alice and Alex, the smuggest couple in the world are based on real people too, although I couldn’t possibly reveal who!

What made you want to write a book with no supernatural or horror elements to it? My previous novels all had romantic subplots and I always really enjoyed writing those scenes. One of my all-time faves is the cinema date in ‘Hollow Pike’. If you think about it, what could possibly be more scary or horrifying than losing your virginity anyway?

What is your advice for individuals who are still in the closet and have yet to come out to their parents/friends? There is no one piece of advice because everybody’s circumstances are different. I always think people know when the timing is right, when you feel the benefits would outweigh any potential backlash. All I will say is that sometimes friends and family need time to process. A degree of patience is necessary.

clockworkFavourite book ever? My favourite book ever is ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman.

What do you think is the most important book of 2015? The most important book I’ve read is When ‘Everything Feels Like the Movies’ by Raziel Reid, although it’s actually out in early 2016! One to watch out for!

What would you Hogwarts house be? I always used to say Slytherin, but wonder if that’s actually a bit try-hard. Like ‘oooh look at me, I’m so dark and unusual, truly no-one understands my kookiness’, so I’ll say Ravenclaw.

Do you have any crazy costume plans for YALC 2016? Well it’ll be my first YALC as a trans woman, so I’ll probably just enjoy going as myself!

Big thank you to James for answering all of those questions! If you have thoughts or further questions, tweet us @maximumpopbooks.

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