Well this Pure Evoke D4 Mio made our Instagram aesthetic look fresh.

With Christmas just around the corner (yes it’s really not far away) you’re about to get blasted with adverts, magazine articles and people telling you everything you should be buying for yourself and your second cousin twice removed.

Here at MP! Towers we like to make your lives just that little bit easier and we’re all for testing the latest gadgets especially when they make our Instagram aesthetic look fresh af. Today we’re having a look at the Pure Evoke D4 Mio to see if it’s really worth the $$$.

First things first this digital radio looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s got that retro vibe to it that’s totally in at the moment and would look great in any setting – it even looked great in our grandma’s kitchen.

There’s a pretty wide range of colours you can choose from too, which might be the hardest decision you have to make when buying one of these. Thankfully the boffins at Pure have thought about that too and engineered some interchangeable leather effect trims, no dramz if you redecorate then.

Pure 1

With bluetooth connectivity it takes seconds to connect your phone, tablet or computer to the Evoke D4 Mio meaning you’re not limited to whatever the radio is playing. You can blast that new Little Mix tune through it on repeat until you know all the lyrics.

Speaking of blasting it, it’s very¬†important to us that our speakers are great quality and it’s clear when we crank it up to 11 as they say. The sound quality on the Evoke D4 Mio is faultless, we pushed the volume right up to the top and it still sounded great, it even drowned out our awful singing.

Thanks @pure_insider for letting us test out this beaut digital radio. Featuring Melvin our office succulent.

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It seems like Pure have thought about pretty much everything with this digital radio and there are some great features on it including an add on battery pack which you can purchase to make it totally portable – playing music non stop for a whopping 24 hours.

Other features include two quick access alarm buttons and a handy SnoozeHandle for effortless snoozing (we tested this one daily).

Pure 2

Overall the Pure Evoke D4 Mio is a beautiful radio with bags of character and style. Compared to other digital radios on the market this offers a lot more functions for a smaller price tag.

Click here to find out more about the Pure Evoke D4 Mio and treat yourself if you like.

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