How to make a punk edit – follow our simple tutorial and be a pro at making punks out of your fave celebs and friends!

If you’re regularly on Tumblr or Twitter like us, you’ve probably seen the odd punk edit here and there. They look cool, right? We’re going to show you how to make them so you can punk-ify your favourite celebs or even you and your friends. No need to thank us.

1.  Google Pixlr editor and click on the first search.

punk edit tutorial 1

2. Pick a photo of the person you want to edit. Make sure it’s a good quality photo (maybe take a photo of you or your friend with a DLSR camera) and enough skin showing for the tattoos you’ll be adding on. Then open it up in the editor.

punk edit tutorial 2

punk edit tutorial 3

3.  Duplicate the layer.

punk edit tutorial 4

4. In a new tab, find the tattoos you would like on the person. Make sure you use tattoos on a white background such as the ones below for you to get the best effect of your tattoos. Save the image(s) you’d like under a name which will be easy to find (eg: Punk tattoo)

punk edit tutorial 5

5. Go back to the tab with the editor and click on ‘Layer’ and ‘Open image as layer’ before choosing your first tattoo.

punk edit tutorial 6

6.  Go to “edit” and click “free transform”

punk edit tutorial 7

7. Now you are able to move your tattoo to where you’d like to place it. Move it and make it the right size you need it. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if it’s the right size- you can change it later.

punk edit tutorial 8

8. On the right hand side of the page, you will see this box. Click on the little square in the bottom left corner (if you hover over it, it will say “toggle layer.” On the drop down box, choose multiply. 

punk edit tutorial 9

9. Now go back to edit and “free transform” again to move your tattoo into the right place and ensure it’s the correct size. Don’t worry if some of the tattoo overlaps outside the skin.

punk edit tutorial 10

10. Erase any bits of tattoo which overlap clothing  or the background or anywhere that isn’t skin.

punk edit tutorial 12

11. Go to  “opacity” and pull the trigger to the left until the tattoo is at the right fade you want it to be. Don’t over fade it or it won’t look very realistic.

punk edit tutorial 14

If you want more than one tattoo, repeat steps 5 to 11 until you are happy with the amount of tattoos you have. Save your work.

12. Go to and open up your edit there.

punk edit tutorial 15

13. If you are a royal member of picmonkey you can add a hair colour onto your punk. Click on the lipstick and scroll to “highlights” and choose your hair colour. Apply to your punk’s hair.  (If you’re not a royal member- don’t worry, click on the magic wand and scroll down to “tint” then check the reverse button before choosing your colour.)

punk edit tutorial 16

14. If you have Royal, you can add some eyeliner!

punk edit tutorial 17]

15. Open another tab and Google “transparent piercing” and pick any piercing(s) you’d like. Again, make sure they are on a white background for it to work. Save.

punk edit tutorial 18

16. Click on the butterfly and on “Your Own” and pick out your piercing you have saved. 

punk edit tutorial 19

17. Place the piercing on your punk in the right place. Shrink it to the right size and place wherever you think looks best (Eyebrow? Lip? Nose?)

punk edit tutorial 20

18. Save your edit.

There you have it! Your own punk edit!

Niall Horan punk edit 2.0

If you’ve made a punk edit using our tutorial, tweet us @maximumpop or tag us on instagram @maximumpopcouk so we can see your punk rock looking punks.

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