This reaction to a man telling a woman off for putting makeup on in public is PRICELESS!

Female solidarity FTW!

Ever been a bit pushed for time when getting ready?

Of course. Is it really getting ready without the mad rush at the end? You’ll scramble for your keys, your phone and make sure you’ve got change for the bus. But wait, you’ve just realised you didn’t put any mascara on.

Ever been so pushed for time that you’ve finished your makeup on route to the party or event?

We know, and it’s totally okay. We’re 21st century women and we are really busy. Whether it’s school, college, university or work, we’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. So when we get an invite to a social event, party or anything else, we all all having to fit it into our already busy schedules.

On December 31st, a woman was touching up her makeup on a train on her way to a New Year’s Eve party. She was with a man who told her to stop because what she was doing was “vulgar”.

Yep, he suggested she should stop what she was doing because it was offending him and wasn’t satisfactory behaviour for a woman. Unfortunately, the original tweet has since been deleted but here’s one woman’s summation of what happened.

“Vulgar”? Seriously?! 

However, the best thing probably ever then happened. Every woman who overheard instantaneously began touching up their makeup too, supporting the woman. How’s that for female solidarity?

Some took to Twitter to share their own similar experiences.

Why is it that women are viewed like they’re applying war paint when applying makeup? Clearly it’s because women are indestructible and strong. We can’t think of any other reasons.

We love the ladies’ reaction, but why this is even an issue in the first place? When did it become acceptable to comment on someone else’s actions? Obviously, if one’s actions are harming or offending others that is a completely different case. But this woman was minding her own business. Is there makeup etiquette that we should all be adhering to? Are there unwritten rules that many of us actually ignore?

A few months ago in Japan, this idea was turned into a written rule. One train provider created this advert to persuade female commuters to refrain from touching up their makeup. Can you imagine any British rail companies doing this?

What do you think? Vote in our poll to tell us if you think the man was actually right to say something and let us know in the comments below what you think!


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  1. Bit out of order that? Personally I think opinions like that should be kept to themselves, I mean I wouldn’t publicly tell someone on the tube to stop pre-drinking on the carriage – it’s up to them what they choose to do. I honestly wouldn’t have the confidence to attempt doing my make up on the tube for fear of poking my eye with liner, so I applaud any female who does!

  2. WHAT THE FRESH HELL? Why would you even comment on that? This is like #supermarketpyjamagate all over again. If I’d gone up to that same man and took apart the fact he had a tattoo, or that he’d chosen to dress a certain way, would that be okay? NAH, IT WOULDN’T. Just like tattoos and clothes, makeup’s a personal choice. Why the hell anyone thinks its okay to say anything against someone’s personal choice to wear it is literally beyond me.

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