Download Or Ditch: Psy – ‘Gentleman’

Just when we think we have finally mastered the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance, K-Pop’s biggest export Psy has just unveiled new single ‘Gentleman’ (not to be confused with the Saturdays tune of the same name). But can ‘Gentleman’ live up to the legacy of ‘Gangnam Style’?

Fortunately with it’s catchy synths and lyrics like “Gonna make you sweat”, ‘Gentleman’ sounds like it could be right at home on the dance floor, battling off the likes of Pitbull and co. this summer although we don’t quite think it’ll match the ‘most watched YouTube video ever’ success of ‘Gangnam Style’. We’re also not quite sure whether the lyrics “I’m a Mother-Father Gentleman” are purposely misleading or just a mispronunciation that could result in your mum developing a dislike to the song- so that’s one person who won’t be buying Psy’s new single!

But there is no way ‘Gangnam Style’ would be as successful without it’s crazy video to accompany it, so what’s the video for ‘Gentleman’ like?  It’s just as whacky with all your favourite characters from ‘Gangnam Style’ return, including the crazy lift guy with the admirable pelvic thrusting skills. In the vid, Psy is the worst boyfriend in the world and is quite the opposite to a gentleman actually, including scratching his bum and wiping it under a girl’s nose – it makes Bieber’s recent bad behaviour in London look positively dignified! The clip also includes a slightly easier dance routine to the song so we’re hoping to grasp it a little bit quicker than we did with ‘Gangnam Style’.

Our verdict? DOWNLOAD, but only after a few listens to it.

Check out the video for ‘Gentleman’ (and the new routine we reckon you’ll be bringing out on the dancefloor ASAP) below:

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