Psst! Here’s 8 totally useful things you can do with that empty plastic bottle

That is SO fetch.

We probs chuck more plastic bottles in our recycle boxes, or if you’re forgetful they will go in with the general waste. *screams* But we can do so much more with these plaggy drinking vessels than simply chucking them away. 

There’s an endless list of things you COULD do after you’ve finished that Diet Coke or bottle of water, but we can go one step further. We knew you’d actually want a list of cool af things you could do with it.

NOODLE SCARF? Wut? These absolute legends will inspire you to turn food into art:

Antarctica is falling apart! Here’s 11 things you can do to stop impending doom:

Simple, but awesome. Here’s some useful ideas for your plastics! Click the pics for tutorials.

1. A super cute coin purse! It’ll jingle jangle in your bag too. Plus, decorate the outside with all the bells and whistles you fancy.

2. These sweet little kitties to either plant stuff or hold stuff. MEOW!

3. A bowling set. Because why spend all that cash going ACTUAL bowling when you can invite your mates round, order a pizza and create BOWLING MAYHEM:

4. So now you make something to save the money to go bowling! See how things always come around?

5. Feel the funky vibes, man, with your very own lava lamps. Hells yeah.

6. Glitter “calm” bottles. Don’t be put off be the words “calm” or “sensory” because these look amazeballs and it’s glitter. Argument over.

7. Whilst you’re already getting craft, why not go all the way and make these plastic bottle beads:

8. Now you need something to put all those beads in. So here’s the perfect storage solution:

Are there any on this list you’re going to try out? Tell us in the comments below.

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