Liam Payne is great right? Thats why the fans have come up with #ProjectLiam

The One Direction fans have done it again, by dedicating a few days to Mr Liam Payne. The fans are all about giving back by making sure the 1D boys feel loved and also making sure other fans have the opportunity to see the boys.

They think he is unappreciated and they want him to get the recognition he deserves.

That face, mmmm.

You can all get involved from the August 9 (that’s tomorrow) which is #FetusLiamDay – don’t forget the hashtag!

The other Liam Appreciation days are as follows:
16th August – #RememberWhenLiam
23rd August – #WhyILoveLiam
30th August – #LiamTaughtUs


Thats all you have to follow, easy right?

We know that we will be getting involved, Liam deserves all the recognition for that beautiful voice.

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