Pretty Little Liars recap: Time for a wedding, or two?

New week, new PLL recap. Some interesting stuff went down in this week’s episode, so if you haven’t seen S6E17 ‘We’ve All Got Baggage’, then avoid the rest of this article.

Let’s begin with the opening scene. Hanna, Spencer and Emily break into Sara’s hotel room to find it trashed. Okay, another question to add to our list. Oh, and the hole in the wall is mysteriously gone? Hmm? While the girls are in the closet, the maid comes in to clean. As she walks into the bedroom, the girls quickly sneak out, but… the maid isn’t who she appears to be *cue heavy breathing noises*.


Each Liar had their own little storyline this week, so lets break it down.

Hanna: We surprisingly learned that Hanna and Melissa bumped into each other back in London a few years ago. Melissa drunkenly shared that Wren dumped her (that’s right) after he got a call from Charlotte – we’re thinking it’s about the Bethany young debacle – and asks him “if she’s willing to tell him, who else is she going to tell?”


With the knowledge that Melissa was in town a week before Charlotte was released, the murder suspect list just gets bigger and bigger. Last week Byron, this week Melissa. Sure.


Also, Ella requested Hanna’s help in picking out what to wear for her wedding (she looked gorgeous in it too).

Spencer: This week, Spencer had her hands full with lies that came back to bite her. After Caleb managed to encrypt Veronica’s medical records, there was a leak about Yvonne’s abortion. Why is this a problem? Because Yvonne’s mother (the opposition) is running on a pro-life platform (awks). The leak got traced back to somebody within the Hastings campaign. With Veronica thinking it was her daughter, Caleb instead informs her it was him.


But was it REALLY him? Now Caleb has been dismissed from the campaign and the Hasting’s residence. Spaleb no more?

Emily: Ok, so Miss Fields had an eventful episode to say the least. First she gets a package from someone (Sara Harvey or someone else) and oh my gosh, creepiest message ever.


Like seriously? That’s a whole new level of creepy. Anyways, Emily meets Damien – who just so happens to be a reporter who tried getting information out of Spencer – and quickly shuts down his agenda. This is how she finds out Melissa was back a week before Charlotte’s murder FYI. However she also goes and investigates the diner where someone – we’re assuming the murderer – called Charlotte from that night.


Watch out Emily. So it seems someone wants to run Emily over. Excuse us, we’re having flashbacks to Hanna in season 1 right now. As Emily climbs to safety, she finds the broken part of the suitcase that could be the weapon the killed Charlotte. But nope, she almost gets crushed this time by the car and drops the weapon.


Too bad, cause this mystery “A” just took the only evidence she had. So there’s someone trying to expose the Charlotte’s murderer and someone trying to cover it up? 2 for the price of 1? Sure, let’s go with that.

Aria: A nice Ella-gant side story to balance out all the bad stuff that’s happened this episode is Ella’s and Byron’s wedding. Aria officiates the ceremony and her parents tie the knot once again. Oh yeah, Mike can’t make it due to his commitments in Beacon Hills, we mean college. Sure.


Aria also tells Ezra the truth about his book and Aria’s and Liam’s relationship developed a little more. Aww cute.

Alison: Alison gets a text from a blocked number which makes Alison question whether or not she was responsible for her sister’s murder. Oh and Elliot popped the question to Alison (and of course she says yes). But plot twist, they want to get married right away? Like in the last two seconds of the episode. Ok, cool.


Aria’s face is literally us. Really Alison, really? But it’s PLL so sure.

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