This major ‘PLL’ news is making us feel a little better about our fave show ending

It’s been six tense filled years in which ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ has pretty much taken over our lives and been in our thoughts every waking moment. And now, finally, it’s coming to an end and we’re kind of struggling to cope with the concept of a world where A does not exist.

But there is some good news, which we most definitely needed — not least because of that dramatic AF mid-season finale that left us seriously shook.

Our time left with all the ‘PLL’ girls seems to be slipping away from us far too quickly, but it turns out the final episode might be as long as a movie, meaning just enough time to say a proper goodbye. And tie up all those loose ends, of course.

Yep, producer I Marlene King took to Instagram to somewhat reveal the script for the final episode, titled ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. But what is more intriguing than that title — which, by the way, OMG! — is King’s caption.

The script for the final episode isn’t even finished and yet it’s already at feature length. Uh-mazing. This is honest to God just what we need. And probably what the show needs too with all those questions that are still left unanswered.

As much as we are dreading saying goodbye to our fave TV show, we are pumped to see what final turmoil is in store for our ‘PLL’ squad. Annnnnd, at least we get more than the usual forty-minute episodes, right?

Are you as excited as we are by this film length finale? Comment below or tweet us @maximumpop.

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