Pretty Little Liars comes back in January, and here’s what we know

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t binge watched all 130 episodes, steer clear!

We would never claim to 100% understand everything that’s happened in Pretty Little Liars since the show premiered in 2010. (Does anyone actually 100% understand everything? Do the show’s writers even…?) After A’s big reveal at the end of last season, we were left on the edge of our couch—okay, maybe even on the floor. What a twist that was.

Now, the second preview for Season 6B (starting January 2016) just came out, and we’ve tried picking it apart for you. Key word is tried, because like, are we even sure Ezra’s on our side? Totally sure? Anyway.

  • They’re jumping 5 years forward. Which means, since season 6 ended with some of them leaving for college, we’ll be starting up again with fresh Bachelor’s degrees under a few belts.

  • It doesn’t look like Charlotte is in jail. Which is where, y’know, we kinda thought she’d be. Unless jail has a new comfy sweats uniform and nice lamps.

  • They’re in court for something. “Soo, this court thing. Are we going to be under oath?” Good question, Emily.

  • Allison is still asking the girls to lie. Because Hannah says, “Allison, we’re here to say how we feel, and you’re asking us to lie.” Well, lying is in the title of the show, so.

  • Speaking of Hannah, she’s got herself a new boy—and he put a ring on it. Look at that bling!

  • Caleb is just full of words of wisdom. “You’ve been given an impossible choice,” he says. Right, but really, shouldn’t you be trying to win Hannah back right now?

  • Spencer’s got some new bangs. They’re really accented by these creepy up-the-nose shots.

  • The cryptic texts from blocked IDs are back. What, you thought they’d be gone? Just because we know who A is? Psh.

  • Aria is getting involved in some weird stuff again. If all those girls are drama magnets, Aria is like, the North Pole.

  • Ezra’s lost his marbles. See, we TOLD you we still weren’t sure whose side he’s on…!

  • There are some amazing new one-liners. “My brain is telling me to be honest, but my PTSD is telling me to shut the hell up.” Quote of the century by Hannah. (P.S. There’s that giant ring again.)

Some new characters join the cast, and some old characters make an unwanted return. Amidst all the craziness, the girls manage to have a spa day. Spencer and Caleb seem too close for comfort. There’s a lot of weird stuff with computer screens and cell phones in garbage cans. Emily might give birth, but we’re not sure. You’ll just have to watch the promo video to see it all (and see if you can make any sense of it).

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