Pretty Little Liars recap: #PLLTwin is [SPOILER]?

[SPOILERS: If you have not seen the season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars, do not read any further. You’ve been warned.]

OH MY GOD. DID YOU SEE IT? WE’RE SCREAMING. OK, maybe not literally screaming but we’re internally dying inside waiting for Season 7 to begin.

For once, we actually got a few answers. But naturally, that came with even more questions. Marlene, you’re driving us crazy!

PLL fans, here’s what you missed on this week’s game-changing finale.


ELLIOTT WAS ALWAYS SKETCHY FROM THE BEGINNING. And the #PLLTwin is Mary Drake aka the twin sister of Mrs DiLaurentis. Elliott posing as Detective Wilden and Mary posing as Jessica to torture Alison is so, so cruel.

Here’s what we know:

  • Mary Drake was a patient at Radley and gave birth to Charles (Charlotte).
  • Charlotte is Mary Drake’s biological daughter (Ali’s and Jason’s cousin).
  • The DiLaurentis family adopted Charlotte.
  • Elliott was in love with Charlotte.
  • Elliott is working with Mary.
  • Elliott married Alison and tricked her into thinking she was crazy so he could gain control of The Carissimi Group. We don’t know why though.

Aside from those two big reveAls, we had some heavy relationship stuff that went down during tonight’s finale.


Ezria: Upon completion of their book, Ezra reveals that he is finally able to accept Nicole’s death just before he emotionally breaks down (we’re crying!). Aria lends a comforting hand (awww). But later on, they both find out that Aria’s boss LOVED their book and they get caught up in the moment and BOOM, sexy time. Bye Liam, see you never.


Haleb: Yes, but also no. In a flashback, Hanna reveals to Caleb what really happened on the night of their breakup. After their big fight, Caleb tells Hanna that if she walks out they’re done. As she’s driving away in the cab she realises she’s made a huge mistake and heads back. But it’s too late. Caleb has packed his things and has left. Hanna then tells Caleb that she’s never stopped loving him and the two share a passionate kiss. Spencer who?

Spoby: These two didn’t go quite as far as Haleb and Ezria, but their chemistry was on fire in this episode. And the glasses, damn Toby. We feel so blessed. We think something could’ve happened down in the tunnels if it wasn’t for Mona showing up unannounced (as she does), but hey, there’s always next season.

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Emison: Ah Emison, we’ve missed you so much. Granted, the “I love you”s wasn’t a romantic gesture (of course it was, let’s be honest), it was still a nice moment. Wish it hadn’t been as Alison checked herself into a mental institution to help with her “hallucinations”. As if she could check herself in so quickly, ok Marlene. These two are endgame.

Hanna’s and Caleb’s brilliant plan to corner Uber A almost worked but somehow failed miserably as she was kidnapped and taken to the church for her final moments. Who is Uber A? All we know is their initials (we think) ‘A.D’. Hmmm?

What did you Liars think of the season finale? Let us know over on @maximumpop.

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