Pretty Little Liars recap: “I murdered Charlotte!”

Last week Aria was targeted. This week, it was Alison. Clumsy or was it all planned? Who even knows with this show anymore. Literally anything is possible.

Let’s recap on Pretty Little Liars S6 EP19 ‘Did You Miss Me?’

Plan A: 


“Stealing that security drive wasn’t because Aria was on it, it’s because I’m on it” –  Hanna, SAY WHAT? Don’t lie, we all fell for it. We almost believed it too. We were about to throw something at our TV screens for a second. Hanna and Caleb have devised a plan to end this once and for all – get Hanna to confess to Charlotte’s murder to finally unveil their stalker. Seems like a reasonable plan, except it’s bound to bite them all in next week’s huge finale.

Twin or ghost? 

After Alison’s ‘accidental’ fall down the stairs at a B&B, she is visited at the hospital by Jessica DiLaurentis. Is Alison dreaming or are the fans onto something with Mrs D being a twin? Hmm. So many questions, only one episode left to answer them.

Bye Liam? 


After a dinner with Aria’s boss, she makes it clear that Liam needs some distance from her and Ezra’s project. Thank god because Ezria is endgame and Liam does nothing for us except be that little annoying fly on the wall.

Side notes:
– We don’t know if the show has made us paranoid but does Elliott seem a little off to you? We can’t trust him yet.

– Did Lucas just offer Hanna her own design company in his soon-to-be factory? What? We need a friend like Lucas to offer us nice things. He also seemed creepy too. This show ugh!

– Also, Spencer’s face is basically us this entire season


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