Pretty Little Liars recap: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars saw Emily almost become a hit and run victim. And this week, the target was Aria.

Let’s recap on some of the most important moments in S6 E18 “Burn”.

We’re like 98% sure bridal showers aren’t supposed to end up in flames, right? Well that’s exactly what happened. Uber A decided to turn up the heat, literally. And poor Aria was unfortunately the one to almost turn into a human marshmallow.


However, despite the second-degree burns Aria suffered, fans got a long-awaited Ezria scene in her hospital room (rejoice). But Liam rocked up and ruined it all (get out Liam). Oh, and Aria’s going to be an author with Ezra. Pretty neat.




Emily was trying to find the car that attacked her in the last episode. Good news, she found it. Bad news, there was a creepy af mechanic who wouldn’t tell her anything. Rude.

Spencer’s dad also revealed that somebody was blackmailing Melissa, threatening to expose what she did to Bethany Young, which explains why she came back to Rosewood in the first place. So do we think she’s still guilty? Who even knows anymore.

Spoby’s secret: SO UM, THIS HAPPENED.


Revealed in flashbacks, we find out the reason behind Spoby’s breakup: they had a pregnancy scare back when Spencer was in her sophomore year of college which made them realise they wanted different things in life. Spencer remembering that made her tell the truth to Toby about Caleb’s involvement with the leak about Yvonne.  Too bad Toby had already sucker punched Caleb earlier on, awks.


Monaaaaaa! Thanks to Aria’s snooping at the police station, she finds out that the person who called Charlotte before her death had a pair of pink dice on their car keys. And guess who has that exact one? Yep, Mona. Emily tells her to “get in the car” and the episode ends.

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