The next ‘Gossip Girl’ is coming to Netflix with as much grit as HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

Word on the grapevine is we might be getting a new ‘Gossip Girl‘. Uh, what? Serena and Blair are back?! Well, not exactly, but there’s going to be a new book to film adaption and it all sounds very exciting. That’s right, a new TV show to obsess over. Tell your friends, scream it from the mountaintops and get pumped!


‘Prep’, best-selling debut novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, is being made into a comedy series for Netflix. The story follows Lee Fiora, who moves from a small town in Indonesia to a fancy boarding school in Massachusetts, drawn in by the hot prep boys (obvs) and lacrosse stick armed girls. Like with any boarding school drama, there’s a series of initiations and, of course, the dreaded hierarchy.

Is it just us, or does this sound like ‘Gossip Girl’ meets ‘St. Trinians’? Uh-mazing!

Deadline  has said ‘Prep’ will be created by former ’30 Rock’ writer Colleen McGuinness and the executive producer of ‘Games of Thrones’ Carolyn Strauss.

Teen Vogue has described it as “as funny as ’30’ Rock but as OMG!-inducing as ‘GoT’ — and as twisty-turny and juicy as ‘Gossip Girl’.”

Honestly, sign us the F up!

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