ICYMI: The Jaspar prank war continued, so here are our best bits from Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee

Another week, another absolutely legendary YouTube upload from Mr Joe Sugg. For this week’s ‘Sugg Sunday’, our fave swapped out his iconic and truly amazing impressions to once again return to the prank war between him and his ex-housemate, Caspar Lee. Turns out not living under the same roof any longer doesn’t put a spanner in the works when it comes to executing high levels of mischief. Joe has forever got this.


Here’s Caspar giving him a high five, because we think he deserves it.

To celebrate this big win by Joe, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best pranks Jaspar have pulled on one another.

No Sleep For Roommate Prank

If there is one thing Caspar enjoys and needs, it’s his sleep. That, and food, so we’re actually kind of shocked Joe Sugg hasn’t messed with that yet.

Ultimate Balloon Prank

We reckon this one was one of the most inspired — and it looked pretty epic too. If there wasn’t a creepy Oli lurking amongst all those colourful balloons, we’d probably belly flop into them.

Baby Prank On Roommate

OK, but this one was creepy AF. That mask is not nice at all, so it’s no wonder Caspar physically attacked Joe when he got all up in his grill.

Creepy Old Man Massage Prank

We think Caspar should get a 10/10 for this one. Not only was it pretty creative, but the video editing itself was A+. However, he did get foiled before the prank had fully been completed.

Mom Shames Roommate Prank

This one got serious, with Caspar’s mum interrogating poor, unsuspecting (for the most part) Joe. His daily vlogging even came into question, which is not cool. But, once again, Joe knew what was up. 2-0 to Joe.

Girlfriend Pranks My Roommate

When Caspar’s ‘girlfriend’ came onto Joe, it was pretty darn awkward. We were kind of cringing, tbh and Joe seemed so uncomforable. However, once again the prank master knew exactly what was up and Caspar couldn’t even deny it.

Caspar’s pranks were definitely creative and pulled on poor Joe’s emotions, but we think it’s pretty clear to see Joe Sugg is the king of pranks. Step it up, Caspar.

Do you agree that Joe does it best in this prank war? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know.

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