#Potterheads have come up with the craziest HP theory yet and it’s ENTIRELY plausible

We don’t want to alarm you, but Christmas is only 12 days away. That means it’s almost time for Santa to put on his best suit and get to work, and we CAN’T WAIT.

With Christmas in reaching distance, Potterheads have come up with the most spectacular Santa theory. And before you ask – no, people are not speculating that Dumbledore is, in fact, Santa. We’ve been there, done that and got the Weasley-knitted jumper.

The latest theory is even better, and once you hear it, you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner.

Posting on Reddit, one user said:

The whole “Santa coming down the chimney” thing is clearly just a muggle conspiracy to cover up the fact that Santa is a wizard traveling by floo powder.

Okay, this is actually brilliant.

All Potterheads know that floo powder is used for inter-fireplace travel, so it’s entirely plausible.

Think about it – it’s actually a far more efficient mode of transportation than having to hop in and out of a sleigh and up and down chimneys all night.



With floo powder, Santa can eat as many mince pies as he wants without having to worry about his waistline expanding further than the chimney. Genius.

There’s only one problem with this theory – what about the people without fireplaces? Maybe Santa Apparates for them? He’s obviously over 17 and we’re guessing he’s passed the test, so it’s not an impossibility.

What do you think? Do you believe that Santa IS actually a wizard traveling by floo powder? And if he is, what’s his Patronus? Vote in our poll and make sure to leave a comment below.

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