13 times pop stars slammed their Twitter haters and won at life

Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with your fave pop stars, but sometimes people can be pretty nasty to them. Luckily, we all know they’ve got sass and can handle the haters no problem.


So we thought we’d make a list after seeing Normani Kordei slay the haters, enjoy.

  1. Sassy Normani is our fave

2. Ain’t nothing coming between Demi and those Big Macs (plus she’s beautiful anyway, that person is crazy)

3. We really have no words for this, you go Iggs

4. James Blunt is the Twitter king of comebacks, seriously check out his Twitter, it’s great

5. Halsey standing up for herself and slaying hard


6. We agree Ashton, we agree

7. No words tbh, but “fishy poom poom” is a fantastic name

8. YAS ZENDAYA SLAY, have you seen anyone more beautiful?!

9. Katy Perry is so phat

10. Throwback to the girl who ate her own tampon


11. Jade really went for these guys and you have to see the rest of the tweets she sent, they’re great!

12. “Sayonara Buttface” – the best comeback EVER

13. Louis isn’t just standard, he’s first class


SLAY. Which one was your favourite? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop. We found it hard to narrow down a Rihanna and Zendaya tweet, they’re always so on point!

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