Popstar VS a Vegetable: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini vs a Beetroot

IT’S BAAAAACK!! That’s right kids, Popstar vs a Vegetable makes a glorious return by popular demand as we take a common garden variety vegetable and pitch it against a popstar of choice for the ultimate battle to the DEATH. This week… Cheryl Fernandez-Versini vs a Beetroot!

First up…



Beetroot – also botanically-known as ‘Beta vulgaris’ – evolved from wild seabeet, which is a native of coastlines from India to Britain and is the ancestor of all cultivated forms of beet.


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – also known as ‘Cole’ – evolved from the amazing Girls Aloud, who were the products of short lived talent show Popstars: The Rivals and are the template upon which all girl bands must follow.

Cheryl – 1, Beetroot – 0

Health benefits!


‘Beets’ have been gaining in popularity as a new super food due to recent studies claiming that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.


A number of Cheryl’s bangin’ tunes make frequent appearances on the MP! workout playlist (we say ‘workout’ – we mean throw shapes around the office) and are guaranteed to get the heart rate up and burn mega calories in the process. We’re gonna call a draw on this one.

Cheryl – 1, Beetroot, 1

How to prepare!


The humble beetroot can be consumer raw, as part of a salad or a smoothie and can also be used to make the ultimate chocolate cake. Wait, WHAT?!


Chezza can listened to as part of a well balanced diet of pop tune-age on your iPod, iPhone, laptop or stereo. We probably can’t stick our copy of ‘Only Human’ into a chocolate cake mix though. Sad face.

Cheryl – 0, Beetroot – 1

Beauty benefits!


Since the sixteenth century, beets have frequently been used as a natural red hair dye. However, we’re not so sure we’d like to risk it ourselves…


Cheryl is famously the face of L’oreal, tasked with modeling her signature locks and looking fierce in TV adverts in an effort to shift various hair products. But it’s ok, because she – and we – are totally worth it.

Cheryl – 1, Beetroot – 0

Records broken!


The world’s heaviest beetroot weighed 23.4kg (51.48lb) and was grown by Ian Neale from Somerset in 2001. Impressive.


Cheryl recently scored her fifth – yes, FIFTH – number 1 single with ‘I Don’t Care’, which now makes her the record holder for the most UK Number 1s for a British female artist. Soz beetroot. Chezza snags this one.

Cheryl – 1, Beetroot – 0

Fudges given!


The beetroot cannot speak, but we imagine fudges or fooks of any kind are not high on the radar either way.


Zero. Fudges. Given.

Cheryl, 1 – Beetroot, 0

FINAL SCORE: Cheryl – 5, Beetroot, 2

We’ll admit, the beetroot has us on its side for a while with the whole chocolate cake thing, but in the end Cheryl just edged it with her un – BEET – able mix of stellar tunes, swishy hair and lack of fooks all around. Well done, Chez!

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