Popstar Harlem Shakes: Cody Simpson, Jedward, District 3 and Conor Maynard take on the latest internet craze.

Harlem Shake is the latest craze sweeping the world of the internet. We’re sure you’ve all seen one of the many videos flooding YouTube. It’s been doing the rounds for about three weeks and has already become an meteorically silly success. Some popstars have already tried their hand at their own Harlem Shake videos. Here’s the ones we’ve found…

The Harlem Shake is silly but its also entertaining. As professional purveyors of the silly and entertaining it was only a matter of time before Jedward got involved.

As always, we appreciate Jedward’s enthusiasm but any Harlem Shake connoisseurs will notice Jedward are clearly floating a number of rules in their ‘Shake’. They gain extra points for getting so many people involved


It must be pretty boring being sat in a tour-bus for weeks on end. Cody came up with a unique way of keeping himself entertained.

This is a very strong Harlem Shake with many of the ‘rules’ of the Harlem Shake being observed. Cody is the lone dancer. There is a semi-naked gentleman in the background and the rest of the dancers are uninterested until after the drop. We also think this is the one time where a tracksuit actually gets you plus-points.


This was filmed at the District 3 showcase on Sunday. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot MP!TV’s Luke Franks dancing with the boys.

Of course, you’ll only spot Luke if you’re not completely distracted by shirtless Dan. We understand, we struggled to see past that too. Before the drop this is perfect and it gets points for shirtlessness. We love the amount of 3eeks involved though we do doubt the validity of that upside down dancer and it loses points for the bad quality of the camera.

12/10 (a 7/10 with an extra 5 points for shirtless Dan)

The final word on Harlem Shakes comes from popstar-in-hiding Conor Maynard.


Winner of the best Popstar Harlem Shake video: Conor Maynard.

Here’s hoping we see some more Harlem Shake silliness from bored touring popstars soon. Your move Bieber.

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