Nine pop stars who don’t have Snapchat but absolutely need it including Jesy Nelson, Beyoncé and Harry Styles

You love Snapchat, we love Snapchat; everybody loves Snapchat.


We love Snapchat so much that we made a whole directory dedicated to all your celebrity faves who are on Snapchat. But there’s still some name missing from the directory that we’d really like to be added.


So here are nine names that we’d LOVE to see join Snapchat ASAP.

1) Liam Payne: We’d imagine things are really exciting for Liam right now, especially as he’s just signed his solo record deal. Label meetings, studio sessions, video shoot; it’s all about to become non-stop.


2) Jesy Nelson: She’s the only Little Mix lady who isn’t on there; we really need Jesy on Snap so we can complete our collection.


3) Beyoncé: Queen of Fruits. We’d love to see what it’s like in Beyoncé land. When does Blue Ivy go to bed? What does she cook for dinner? These are important questions that need answering.


4) Lucy Hale: We’ve got to make sure she’s not a pretty little liar. We’re just curious to see her daily lifestyle really.


5) Adele: We bet Adele’s tour antics are hilarious. She’s such a joker on stage and in interviews, she’d make the best Snapchatter.


6) Harry Styles: Filming movies, recording an album, just being… Harry Styles, it’s a hard life for Harry. A life that we want to be a part of. Come on Harry, get on it.

Harry Styles Kiss

7) Katy Perry: Imagine all of Katy’s shadiest moments captured on Snapchat. So much life! We need you Katy, get on the Snap.


8) Taylor Swift: What does someone as big as Taylor Swift do on her days off? This would give us the ultimate insight into superstar life. We’re ready for it.


9) Nicole Scherzinger: If anyone can give us the best in backstage action during the X Factor, it has to be Nicole Scherzinger. There’s still time before the new season starts so come on Scherzy!


While we ponder who else should join Snapchat, be sure to check out our Snapchat directory to find who IS already on Snapchat. And get adding. Feel free to send all your suggestions to @maximumpop

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