Kesha’s landed a Vegas residency! Nine pop stars we’d love to see in Las Vegas

Exciting news for Kesha fans!


Kesha looks set to take up a mini residency in Las Vegas in a matter of weeks. She’ll be playing songs from her huge back catalogue at the Wynn Las Vegas on 23rd and 24th of June as well as the 23rd of July 2016.


Moving to Las Vegas is becoming a big deal for a lot of artists. More and more pop stars are moving away from touring and deciding to set up shop in one location instead of trecking the globe for two years.


So we’ve been thinking in detail about who we’d like to see in Vegas and put together this list of acts we’d like to see take over the Las Vegas strip in the next few years.

1) One Direction: It would make the ultimate reunion show, wouldn’t it?


2) Taylor Swift: Taylor’s spent most of her recent life on tour around the world. Vegas would be a nice place for her to stay… But not for a few years perhaps.


3) 5 Seconds of Summer: Ok, ok, here us out on this one. We know you guys want to see 5SOS hit your home town but we think they’d make a great addition to the Las Vegas show line up.


4) Little Mix: Obviously, Little Mix aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. But if they’re serious about cracking America, this might be a great place to start.


5) Ariana Grande: Ariana’s probably a bit too young to land in Vegas right now, but if her Celine Dion impressions are anything to go by, she’s definitely ready for it.

6) Katy Perry: Katy Perry puts on some of the best live shows you could ever see. Did you not see her at the Super Bowl? She’s basically already got a Vegas show ready to go. Imagine all the hits!

7) Lady Gaga: There’s no doubt Gaga would absolutely slay the Vegas strip. Elaborate costumes and incredible songs, what’s not to love?

Lady Gaga

8) Sia: She’s got too many hits not to be in Vegas. Sia’s previously said she wasn’t a huge fan of touring so this would make a great compromise.

9) Beyoncé: Who wouldn’t want to see the Queen? It’s BEYONCÉ guys!


Who do you think would be a great addition to the Las Vegas strip? Tell us who you’d like to see @maximumpop

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