What really goes on when pop stars slide into each other’s DMs

Have you ever wondered what happens in the DMs between pop stars?


We have too. So… we decided to do some snooping and slide in ourselves.


Now, of course we didn’t actually slide into anyone’s actual DMs because a) that’s very illegal and b) just downright rude. But we think this is how some of the biggest stories happened in the DMs. We’re pretty sure we’re about 95% correct on these too.


1) Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMA’s: We all saw this happen with our own eyes.isnsk

2) Little Mix vs. Fifth Harmony:  The tea is, they’re actually huge fans of each other.


3) Harry Styles and Zayn reunite: Could Zayn be helping Harry with his solo album? Probably not.zvu64

4) Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift make party arrangements: But they didn’t quite work out in the end



5) Taylor and Calvin Harris discuss working together: This is totally what you came in here for, isn’t it?


How do you think these moments went down in the DM? Who’s DMs would you like to snoop into? Let’s here your ideas @maximumpop

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