They’re just like us! Niall Horan and other pop stars who popped up on public transport

London 1D fans; keep your eyes firmly peeled! Niall has been snapped jumping on the tube with some fans.

So watch out; you never know who’s hiding behind that newspaper across from you on the Northern Line.

But Niall isn’t the first pop star to grace the seats of the London Underground; oh no! There’s been plenty before him. Here are five of our fave pop star-on-public-transport moments:

1) Rihanna on the Jubilee Line… To her own gig!


Rockstar status: yes? Rockstar status travelling? Not quite but very, very cool.

2) Jay-Z & Chris Martin on the Jubilee Line


We do wonder if Jay-Z has an Oyster Card, he’d save loads of money on these frequent trips. He’s also a lover of the New York Subway, actually, so he definitely carries a Metrocard at least.

3) Kendall Jenner on the Piccadilly Line


Ok, so not explicitly a pop star but still exciting all the same. Ms. Jenner braved the rattly Piccadilly Line after a trip to Paris. What a woman!

4) Lily Allen on the Jubilee Line


LDN lover Lily jumped on the tube and even took a selfie to prove it. Because, y’know, pics or it didn’t happen. She also took the tube to one of Beyoncé’s gig’s in 2014.

5) Mariah Carey on the New York Subway


It doesn’t get any better than this. Superstar diva, Mariah Carey, riding the New York Subway and looking absolutely glam doing it. If only all morning commutes could be this glam!

What are your favourite public transport meets pop star moments? Let us know what we missed @maximumpop

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