What’s Harry Styles’ favourite word? We’ve found pop stars’ most tweeted words and it made us LOL

We’ve recently been using an app to check what our most used words on Twitter are. Then we thought it would be fun to see what some of our favourite verified accounts most used words are and report back.

Harry Styles  (@Harry_Styles) 


Top 5 used Twitter words: birthday, album, posted, incredible, photo

It has been calculated that Harry posts an average of 1.10 tweets per day and spends 56 minutes per month using Twitter.

It seems as though Harry is very keen on birthdays, whether it’s his own or someone else’s. He also dabbles in a cheeky bit of self promo for his band’s album and likes to post incredible photos on Instagram.

Michael Clifford (@Michael5SOS) 

Michael 1

Top 5 used Twitter words: lol, holy, literally, photo, song, excited

Apparently Michael posts an average of  5.23 tweets per day, spending an estimate of 4 hours per month using Twitter.

Michael seems to find life rather amusing yet literal. We can guess which word follows after holy, though and it isn’t song or photo. He also gets excited a lot. He’s like a little puppy dog, isn’t he?

Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner)


Top 5 used Twitter words: app, collection, Kylie, streaming, radio

Miss KJ posts an average of 3.32 tweets per day, which is about 2 hours per month on Twitter.

Considering she has an app and collection, we think Kylie likes a bit of self promo, too. She also loves streaming and the radio.

Bradley Simpson (@TheVampsBrad) 

brad gif

Top 5 used Twitter words: awesome, tour, thankyou, album, bloody

Brad the lad tends to post around of 1.57 tweets per day and at a guess, we think he spends around 83 minutes per month using Twitter.

Obviously Brad enjoys touring and thinks it’s awesome. He also likes to talk about his band’s album and thanks the fans a lot (but needs to learn there’s a space between “thank you”) and is pretty British considering he uses the word ‘bloody’ a lot.

Zoe Sugg (@Zoella)


Top 5 used Twitter words: haha, christmas, video, vlogmas, omg, vlog

Zoe is said to tweet an average of 12.54 tweets per day and spend around 11 hours per month on Twitter.

Zoe really really likes Christmas. She also likes laughing and omg did you know she likes to vlog, too?

So, there are some of the most used words by our faves! Check out yours using this website and tweet us a screenshot!

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