You will actually cry with laughter at these artists’ funny faces when they perform

Let’s be honest. Despite everything Tyra Banks taught us, we’ve all come a cropper of a bad angle or two in our time. But imagine if there were a thousand cameras on you at the same time. GOD FORBID!

Well, unfortunately poor old pop stars have to deal with this all the time and literally there are so many funny pics out there.

One of the biggest repeat offenders is good ol’ Zara. She is such a damn amazing diva that she can’t help but bring out that sass in her facial expressions.

In fact, she pulls so many funny faces that people have made collages. This is the first ever official compilation by Zara Larsson. Think of it as a ‘Greatest Hits’.

BUT THEY COULDN’T EVEN FIT ALL THE FUNNY FACES INTO THAT COMPILATION! Luckily, one thoughtful fan provided the best one yet. How kind…

Which brings us to Beyonce‘s extremely expressive face. One fan really hit the nail on the head, who did it better – Zara or Beyonce? Tweet us your pick @MaximumPop.

Let’s just throw in this classic Beyonce meme for good measure.


But it’s not just Zara and Bey…

Troye in particular constantly amazes us all with his facial flexibility.

Some of these faces just make us want to do this…

But then again, LM aren’t completely innocent in this game either.



And who could forget this Lauren Jauregui pic which is completely and totally viral for all the right reasons.


Which pop star’s funny face is your fave? Leave a comment in the box below.

You can find all these stars’ usernames, as well as thousands more, in our Snapchat Directory.

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