It’s a fruit frenzy! 9 pop stars who always get their vitamin C including 1D, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Our mums try to get us to eat fruit by any means possible! They say fruit is nature’s sweets, but it’s hard to see nature matching up to our fave pick ‘n mix (blue and pink fizzy cola bottles, FYI). You don’t see many blue and pink fruits, do you now?

But some pop stars literally can’t stop eating the stuff! Maybe they’re just vitamin C deficient from all that touring and performing or maybe they just find it so finger lickin’ good like RiRi.

1) Taylor Swift is an amazing role model, promoting worldwide healthy eating through her music.
Just look at her tucking into this nice crunchy apple. Not all her friends are as health conscious however…
2) Taylor’s BFF Selena is also partial to a Red Delicious. She has a funny way of eating ’em though.
3) Justin Timberlake certainly gets a decent amount of potassium as evidenced by his new video for ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ (and by that HOT bod of his )

4) And Justin isn’t the only one who loves to perform with bananas. Hopefully Harry didn’t get confused and take a nibble.
5) Now this is a whole different kind of banana performance. We think Miley probably just wants to go on a banana boat on her summer holidays. Yeah, that’s it…
6) Speaking of summer holidays, RiRi likes to up her fruit intake when she’s chilling out at home in the Bahamas, doubtlessly indulging in some S&M… sunbathing and mojitos!
7) But if it’s tropical fruit you crave, Katy Perry is really the one to go to. She is the Queen of the Watermelon telephone.
And she even likes to dress as fruit every now and again. You are what you eat.
8) This picture of 1D makes us want all the fruit… especially if they come with it.
Liam can’t even decide which fruit to eat first.
9) Ed Sheeran likes to brandish his banana like a weapon.

Do these pop stars give you a craving for some fruity freshness? We’re off to have a kiwi now ourselves but we’re always happy to chat healthfoods with you @maximumpop.

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Written by David Farrell

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