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Selena Gomez is such an octopus! Which sea creature from ‘Finding Dory’ would your fave pop star be?

OK it’s official… WE LOVE ‘FINDING DORY’!

We’ve only seen it at the cinema a billion times since it came out last Friday and we’re still not over it.

And that’s why we’ve decided to combine our first love, pop stars, with our newfound obsession, ‘Finding Dory’! We’ve made sea creatures out of our ultimate faves ‘cos that’s what we do for fun. We should get a hobby…

Let us introduce you to the all star cast of ‘Finding Dory’.

Katy Perry as Dory


Who else could play such a colourful fish other than the pop star known as ‘Fruit Sister’? Dory is a regal blue tang belonging to the “surgeonfish” family, so-named after the spikes on their tails used to fend off predators. Katy sure isn’t afraid to whip out those Katy Cat claws either when threatened.

Ed Sheeran as Nemo


For no other reason that ginger dudes and ginger fish should stick together. And look how cute he is!

Troye Sivan as Squirt


We are 346% sure that Troye has access to the fountain of youth which is why we cast him as the mischievous baby sea turtle Squirt. He likes to get up to no good as well.

Selena Gomez as Hank the Octopus


Can’t keep her tentacles to herself…

Luke Hemmings as Becky the Common Loon



This casting worked out a billion times better than we could have predicted. Hyperactive Luke is perfect for this role.

Drake and RiRi as Fluke and Rudder the California Sea Lions


We can just imagine these two sitting on a rock all day chilling the hell out. But don’t be fooled, just like sea lions, they can move like a torpedo when they need to.

 Ariana Grande as Mr. Ray


Mr. Ray looks graceful when he’s acting as the “school bus” for the little fish in ‘Finding Dory’, but we bet that he packs a sting just like dangerous woman Ari.

Niall Horan as Bailey the Beluga Whale


‘Cos both Niall and Bailey are adorable. FACT!

Tweet us which of your pop star faves you would cast in ‘Finding Dory’ @maximumpop.

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