Fighting for your rights: These nine pop stars are speaking up for what they believe in and we salute them

There’s a lot happening in the world today and much of it isn’t very good.


It can be a scary place; we get it. It can also be really hard to understand what’s really happening out there.


There’s some issues that are a lot more concerning to you than others. Sexuality, misogyny, race, gender; these are important issues in society and some of your favourite pop stars are using their platforms and increased presence to fight the exact same causes for you.

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So with that in mind, here are nine pop stars that are fighting the system and speaking up for what they believe in.

1) “North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 law is extremely disappointing, and it takes away some of the LGBT community’s most basic rights and protections. But we will not allow this to stop us from continuing to make progress for equality and acceptance.” – Demi Lovato

At this year’s Billboard Awards, Demi wore a top bearing a gender inclusive logo while performing ‘Cool For The Summer’ and has been a huge advocate for LGBTQ rights.

2) “I feel like my generation is the most progressive one yet and believe there will be a day soon when laws like HB2 won’t even be a consideration.”- Selena Gomez

Ahead of her gig in North Carolina, Selena Gomez spoke out at her disappointment for the The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2) law which forces transgender people to only use bathrooms that correspond with their sex at birth.


3) “For me, it’s very important to speak out about issues that I find important so if I can say something about how important feminism is, I don’t think you understand how upset men get when you tell them off; it’s insane!” –  Zara Larsson

Zara has been very vocal about standing up for women’s rights and came to many people’s attention when a picture of a condom on her leg went viral.

To all the guys saying "my dick is too big for condoms" TAKE A SEAT

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4) “If girls find me attractive, then that’s a cool thing. If guys find me attractive, then that’s a cool thing as well. It’s sick. It’s a compliment. I’m blessed by whoever was up there to be who I am and be able to do what I do. I genuinely mean that.” – Zayn

Zayn previously spoke to The FADER about the constant rumours surrounding his and other members of One Direction’s sexuality. When they were younger, he said they found it difficult but now sees it as part of the package of fame and is a supporter of the LGBTQ community.


5) “I just have a way of breaking the rules even when I don’t intend to. You have to let people be who they are – you have to believe that that’s going to be the best version of them.” – Rihanna

Rihanna received a lot of criticism for her video for ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ with some suggesting the video was “anti-feminist”. But she quickly brushed off the haters calling the man in the video “the bitch” and pointing out that women won in the end.


6) “As queer people, we know what it’s like to be scared, and we know what it’s like to live with fear as part of our every day. But tonight, Glastonbury, I’d like you to join me and say ‘no thank you, fear’. To say ‘fear, bye’. To literally shove a rainbow in fear’s face. And all I have to say to finish is, I’m here, I’m queer, and yes, sometimes I’m afraid, but I am never ashamed because I am proud of who I am.” – Olly Alexander

Years & Years’ Olly Alexander gave the most beautiful speech at the end of their set at this year’s Glastonbury. Olly has also been very vocal about LGBTQ rights.


7) “We need men and women to understand the double standards that still exist in this world, and we need to have a real conversation so we can begin to make changes” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé last two albums have both had a strong theme of feminism across them and in recent years she’s been very vocal about the issues of women in the music industry.


8) “In this industry, all the heads of labels are men, but every artist has to prove themselves, regardless of their sex. I have always been very vocal about the women sticking together.” – Rita Ora

Rita Ora isn’t scared to be a strong woman in the music industry; even going head on with her old record label – Jay Z’s Roc Nation – and forcing them to let her out of her contract.


9) “I’m certainly a feminist. A feminist to me is somebody that wishes to protect the integrity of women who are ambitious. A feminist in my opinion is somebody that regards that women have a strong intelligence and wisdom. That we are just as great as men — and some of us can be even better. I want to fight for the female performer, the female artist, the female musician. This is the type of feminist that I am: that women can be tremendous artists.” – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always wanted to help those who need help; whether it be woman, LGBTQ people, anyone! What a woman.


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