These photos of animals who look exactly like Selena, Taylor and Ariana are the funniest thing you’ve ever seen

MP! spends hours poring over pics of pop stars so inevitably our brains start to turn to mush after a while and it leads us to see strange things… things that cannot be unseen.

When you stare hard at a picture of Miley Cyrus have you ever noticed that she kinda starts to look like a lion? No? Just take a look at this…

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Told you. And there’s plenty more where that comes from. How about old school Justin Bieber bearing more than a passing resemblance to this sloth.

blog080411 sloth1
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His erstwhile gf isn’t getting off easy either. Selena looks exactly like this luwak. They’re both cue AF (but the luwak has some hella evil eyes).

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Not to forget Selena’s BFF, T-Swizzle whose fetching curls make her look like a king charles spaniel. Nothing wrong with that. Look how precious!

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And Taylor’s not the only one whose style was inspired by the animal kingdom. One of Rihanna‘s gazillion hairstyles makes her this fringe-tastic, hipster llama’s doppelganger.

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Actually we can’t decide whether she’s more like an alpaca or a llama…

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Opting for a more winter-inspired garb, Ariana is the spitting image of this polar bear. Remember that, like Ari, polar bears look adorable AF, but they are also super dangerous, like Ari 😛.

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Moving into warmer territory, P!nk‘s hair in this pic reminds us so much of this cockatoo.

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But she’s got nothing on the queen of contortion, Madonna, who seems to be doing her best frog impression in this pic.

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The more you stare at Lady GaGa, the more she turns into a Chinese dog, don’t you think?

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Come to think of it, Shakira has rocked a few canine-inspired looks in her time as well…

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But the king of dogs is ofc Snoop Doggy Dogg who looks incredibly like several breeds of canine at the same time. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Rocking the Dachshund look.

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Which one’s Jenna Marbles‘ dog and which one is THE Dogg!?

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This one is too good! Even down to the expression.

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But it’s topped by this one. UNREAL!

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Snoop is truly in tune with his doggy-side.  Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know which of these comparisons really freaked you out the most. Tbh they all freaked us out 😱 !

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