Pop star stalking. He’s met Miley, McFly, One Direction, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, The Vamps and Tom Daley. Now Joshua Fox shares his secrets with YOU!

He’s met McFly, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix, and even written a book on pop star stalking. Here Joshua Fox shares his 5 tips and techniques for getting a selfie with a star whilst having a bloody good time.

Let’s be honest, Twitter has essentially turned each and every one of us into obsessive stalkers. Gone are the days when people would accidentally leave their GPS attached therefore tweeting their exact addresses (let’s never forget the glorious moment years back when Louis accidentally revealed Eleanor’s exact street). What started out as a lovely little website for us to follow the rich and famous as they shared their lavish lifestyles with us via Twitpics and Vines quickly turned into… well a lovely little website for us to physically follow the rich and famous as they live their lavish lifestyles.

Celebrities are always tweeting what they’re up to, where they’re going and what they have planned – it’s our job then to use these tweets as clues to track them down as they do so!

Your favourite band just arrived in your city? Well you can easily work out where they’re staying by comparing selfies they’ve tweeted from their hotel room with the pictures on different hotel websites! Search your favourite star’s name on Twitter too – where they go, starstruck members of the public tend to tweet… giving you a perfect series of clues to track them down!

As we all know, hotels are the best place to finally get that all-important selfie with your favourite stars. If you can’t seem to find out which one your fave band is staying at from Twitter, not to worry, because although you don’t know it, lots of other people will.

When a band comes to your town, realistically there’s only going to be so many fancy 5-star hotels they’re going to be staying at… and you’d be surprised how easily you’ll find them by simply walking/driving around all of them on the day of their show in your town!

Obviously it’s unlikely you’ll find them loitering around in the car park, but chances are you’ll spot their tour bus, hoards of other fans, and the paparazzi. And once you spot any of these, congratulations: you have found your band.

Sadly stars don’t always choose to stay over whilst on tour, which means you have only one job: wait around. And how long should you do this, you ask? AS LONG AS YOU HAVE TO!

Obviously when a band are playing a show they have to head into the venue through a door just like the rest of us. So it’s your job to find this door and set up camp directly next to it until you catch your star.

If you’re unsure which door to be waiting by, it’ll probably be the one closest to the tour bus and surrounded by loads of burly security men shouting at you to move away.

Once you do finally track down a celeb, there’s only one rule you have to follow really: don’t scare them! Remember, celebrities are just people like the rest of us. Obviously they’re far more rich, pretty, and generally better at life – but essentially, they’re still just people. So when you do come face to face with them, a simple ‘hello’ followed by a smile goes down a whole lot better than screaming “OMGZZZ I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! PLZ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! AHHH!”

When you are out stalking, whether it be at hotels, the back of venues, signings or well… Harry Styles’ garden – you are going to be surrounded by other fans. And please always remember that, they are fans just like you! Who’s met the band more, who’s got more Twitter followers, who ships who, none of this really matters. You’ll find that the hours you spend stood around waiting to meet your favourite stars fly by so much faster when you spend them getting to know the people around you. Make friends, have a laugh, get excited, because if the celeb you’re waiting on doesn’t actually end up coming over to meet you all and take a photograph, at least you can say you’ve gained something from the day: a new friend, follower and fellow fangirl!

Joshua Fox uploads a new celebrity-stalking video to his YouTube channel each week, and has two books available on his website.

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