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Dangerous driving, Pokémon and Taylor Swift: Things got crazy when I wore pop star perfumes for a week

Spritz it everywhere. We LOVE perfume and in celebration of Little Mix‘s latest fragrance ‘Wishmaker‘ (which smells delicious btw), we’re putting 5 pop star perfumes to the test. What will the outcome be? Probably just a lot of empty perfume bottles.


There is dangerous bus driving, ASOS deliveries and of course, Pokémon.

Monday – ‘Wonderstruck’ by Taylor Swift

No wonderstruck feelings today but i’ve totally had days where I just listen to Taylor Swift on repeat for hours. Monday was one of those days and it was great. I smelt like Taylor (kinda) and got to embrace her fully.


Taylor Vibes 11/10
Tuesday – ‘Heat’ by Beyonce

Ok first of all, that day ended up being super warm. Is it because the perfume is called ‘Heat’? Probably not but we’re gonna pretend it is.

‘Heat’ smells more like a night time/going out scent, so tbh I felt fierce af the entire day. Did anything crazy happen? Sadly not.


Fierce Factor 9/10
Wednesday – ‘Wishmaker’ – Little Mix

Busy busy busy. I had the most bangin’ Starbucks coffee ever, what a dream. Also the craziest thing happened. The bus driver decided to take the double decker bus through a height-restricted petrol station and get stuck. Roofs were ripped. Thankfully I made it out alive and nobody got hurt!

I managed to catch a Slowpoke on Pokémon Go too. FINALLY.


Pokemon Master 5/10 (I’m still getting there)
Thursday – ‘Fantasy’ – Britney Spears

My cheeky massive little ASOS order came today so that made the day 22% better and the delivery lady said my perfume was lovely. Win win! Fantasy wise, I had a dream about Ricky Wilson. Sadly, that’s the closest i’ll ever get to him.


Dream Crusher 2/10
Friday – ‘Outspoken: Intense’ – Fergie

Intense is mostly deffo the word to describe a Friday. When you’ve got 101 things to do and you’re busy af at the weekend. CHAOS. Good thing I smelled amazing though, right?

Not to mention I found a bundle of unicorn stickers in a drawer.

giphy (5)
Unicorn Discoverer 7/10

What a wild week (not really). Give pop star perfume week a try and let us know what happened for you during this! Tweet us @maximumpop with all the deets.

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