9 tweets that prove our fave pop stars are just obsessed wth the Olympics as we are

MP! probably isn’t the sportiest team out there. We mostly stay indoors and scroll through Twitter/ FB, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get up off our sofas once every four years to celebrate the Olympics! It’s a massive event after all.

And we’re not the only ones who are going gaga over the games, you’re fave pop stars all love a bit of Olympic action as well! Check out these lot:

OK Katy Perry has obviously got a vested interest in the Olympics because her latest single just happens to be the soundtrack, but damn does she do inspirational anthems well. We have a sudden urge to rise and do some sport.

And she’s not the only one whose music has been given a good ol’ plug during the Olympics, Sia‘s ‘Unstoppable’ was played during the opening ceremony too!

Ellie Goulding loved the strong ecological message of the Olympic opening ceremony, posting her own tweet and retweeting others who praised the organisers for inserting a reminder about our global responsibility towards climate change. Bless her, she’s got a heart of gould, doesn’t she?

The Little Mix gals love a bit of diving. They cheered along as Tom Daley won Silver with his diving partner Dan Goodfellow.


Not to be outdone, Fifth Harmony also tweeted out their support for their US team.

And Camila had a cheeky word to say about the US men’s swim team…

Who can blame her though?


Then there’s Niall

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Written by David Farrell

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