Super Mariana Grande? We want to see these pop stars turned into gaming heroes

Games and music; they go hand in hand.


We love our video games as much as we love our music and we think it’s probably time the two world finally crossed paths in the best possible way.

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We found a channel on YouTube called ‘8-Bit Universe‘ that turns all your favourite pop bops into 8-bit versions, making them sound like theme tunes of video games from back in the day and we’re absolutely obsessed with them.


So… with the help of these tracks, we’ve found nine pop stars we want to see turned into video game heroes because it’s pretty obvious that they could slay the gaming world as much as the music world.

1) Zayn: Friend or foe? Would Zayn be the good guy or bad guy? He’d be great in any role.

2) Ariana Grande: We definitely need a Super Ariana Land game.

3) Shawn Mendes: Maybe Taylor can play a princess and Shawn can save her? We’re into it.

4) Selena Gomez: The Ultimate Selenator. She could be the ultimate bad ass fighter.

5) One Direction: A One Direction style football tournament game would be loads of fun.

6) Fifth Harmony: #SquadGoals the game.

7) Ed Sheeran: He uses his guitar to fight crime.

8) Taylor Swift: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as the villains?

9) 5 Second of Summer: They’re already the ultimate rock stars; gaming superstar is just next on the cards.

Which pop stars would you like to see transformed into gaming heroes? Give us your suggestions @maximumpop

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