Here’s how your favourite music videos would look if pop stars were sponsored by their five-a-day

Pop stars help promote loads of products to us everyday.


Whether it’s Beyoncé drinking a Pepsi, Lady Gaga rocking her Beats by Dre headphones or… Jessie J tucking into a Tuc biscuit, your musical faves have turned into influencers, helping us decide our daily products.


They make lots of money for wearing a brand or drinking a drink … But what if we could change that? What if they weren’t promoting naughty sugary drinks or make up brand? What if they promoted… fruit and veg?


We reimagined some of our favourite music videos, covered in various products and replaced them with your five-a-day and this is what they might just look like instead.

1) Lady Gaga – ‘Poker Face’: Beats by Dre? More like Beats by Grapes. Although, grapes probably don’t make great utensils for listening to music.


2) Taylor Swift: So this isn’t quite a music video but Taylor Swift did do a commercial for Diet Coke. Diet Oranges? Probably wouldn’t work but everybody needs their Vitamin C.


3) Little Mix – ‘Hair’: Does GHD stand for ‘Good Hearty & Delicious’? These mixers appear to be obsessed with Cucumbers. They might make a goo curling iron but not so good for straightening out those kinks.


4) Beyoncé: We all know Beyoncé loves Watermelon and there’s the proof. “I been drinkin’, I been drinkin’…”


5) Miley Cyrus – ‘We Can’t Stop’: The Beats Pill is dead. Long live the Beats Banana; great for that slippery sound.


6) Nicki Minaj – Looks like Nicki is a fan of the Beats Banana too; must be that Super Bass.


7) Ariana Grande – ‘Focus’: The truth is, Samsung and Apple are a lot more similar than we once thought. Is that the iPhone 7?


We’ve let our imaginations run a bit wild here; what would you replace these products with? Voice off at us @maximumpop

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