Pop Idiot Of The Week: Lily Allen And Cheryl Cole

Maximum Pop! is all about loving pop, but we also know that sometimes our favourite pop stars can suddenly start acting like complete tools. And what better way to call them out than by making them our Pop Idiot Of The Week? Maximum Pop!: Helping pop stars take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror since January 11th, 2011…

As it’s our first ever Pop Idiot Of The Week, we thought we’d go all out and have TWO. Being sent to the naughty step this week is… Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole!

For the benefit of those of you who are too young to remember, here’s a quick catch-up session:

  • Lily appears out of nowhere, making catchy, rude pop tunes like ‘Smile’
  • Cheryl wins Popstars: The Rivals and becomes a member of girl group Girls Aloud
  • Cheryl calls Lily a “chick with a d*ck”
  • Lily responds by claiming Cheryl can’t sing
  • Everyone gets a bit excited but then it all blows over

Fast forward to RIGHT NOW and it seems like the feud might be (temporarily) back on. Over Christmas, fellow GA band member Sarah Harding was involved in a pretty nasty fight with her ex and rumour has it that she might even be charged with assault. Lily heard the news and posted the following tweet, referring to Cheryl’s previous arrest in 2003…

Lily was then of course bombarded with threats and hate from GA fans – and Cheryl was quick to notice what was going. After unfollowing Lily, she posted the tweet below…


Lily’s always been one to speak her mind – and that’s usually why we love her – but making a joke about someone involved in such a traumatic experience seems a bit cheap. We thought motherhood might have softened her… But at the same time, we would have much preferred Cheryl to take the classy approach and just quietly unfollow Lily, without celebrating their bitchiness. Both girls are currently on a break from music – so we say the only way to sort this out is to get back to making wicked pop music and stop acting like little kids in the playground. The MP! dream would be for Lily to write a song for Girls Aloud’s comeback!

Pop stars beware – we’ve got our eye on you…

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