18 important life lessons you didn’t realise Pokémon taught you

As hooman beans we are influenced by, and take inspiration from almost anywhere. Often without us even realising that we’ve caught it and stored it away.


Therefore, it’s logical to assume that you totally learned some important life lessons from all those cartoon you watched. Pokemon, for example, is rife with important morals and experiences that help make you a better you. It’s all about evolution, man.

1. Being ambitious is never a bad thing.


Ash had a dream. And he went for it.

2. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Or in this case; don’t try and make someone do something for purely YOUR own benefit.



3. You can find friends wherever you go.


Regardless of gender, age, circumstance. Peoples be peoples. And those peoples can be your best buds.

4. The bad guys will keep coming back.


But good will always prevail in the end. Just gotta work on through those tough times.

5. Sometimes you have to say some hard goodbyes.


And it hurts.

6. But that’s ok because in allowing those you love to grow in their own way…


…they can evolve. And so can you.

7. There’s a whole world of opportunities out there, and even though your mum wouldn’t have let you wander off into the distance with nothing but a barely trained creature and a backpack…


…as an adult, you’re prepared for a whole lotta fun and wanderlust.

8. Pokemon, or animals, have feelings too.


And all living creatures deserve to be treated with respect.

9. Life will throw challenges at you, often out of the blue.


You can try to escape, but sometimes you just gotta grit your teeth and fight on.

10. You are always learning new things.


And maybe you’ll never memorise all 722 Pokemon, but here’s to knowledge and education!

11. It’s important to look after the ones you love.


Especially when they’re in need.

12. Because they’ll pay it back.


And you’ll be so thankful for it.

13. You’ll meet people that seem strange to you…


…but you won’t be scared, and you won’t judge them before they have chance to prove themselves.

14. And if they prove to be douchebags?


Meh. Forget ’em. The world is made up of all sorts.

15. Having competition can be healthy.


It makes you go after your dreams that much harder.

16. And even though that dream may change…


…you’ll never go after it with anything less than 100%.

17. All that hard work will feel great when you make progress towards that final goal.


And Pokemon Gym Badges look hella cool pinned to your back pack.

18. Finally, Charizard is a jerk.


You can’t win ’em all.

What important life lessons has Pokemon taught you? Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts with us @maximumpop

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