Pokémon GO is sending the world INSANE: We’ve found 11 of your hilarious tweets

It’s official: The world has gone Pokémon CRAZY.


Although Pokémon GO isn’t officially available in the UK (app developers Niantic have since announced that it should be arriving “in a few days”) we’ve seen that some of you have managed to get around that and are already catching all the Pokémon the world has to offer.


We’ve also seen you vent your frustrations on Twitter and we’re still crying with laughter at some of your reactions. So we decided to bring you all some of our favourite Pokémon GO tweets so you can have a laugh with us.


The job is to catch ’em all, not kill ’em all…

You want Pokémon? You gotta PAY.

… But remember, everyone might not get it.

Even the world’s most famous park is getting in on the action.

Some people have found innovative new ways to use Pokémon GO…

Some are just downright mean.

Some are still waiting for it to arrive…

But one thing’s for sure… The Pokémon already think they’re celebrities.

People are getting in trouble at work…

… And some people are just taking it wayyyy too serious.

Even Joe Jonas is a fan!

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