OMGO! There’s a chat app for Pokémon GO coming and you need it in your life

So how are you getting on with Pokémon GO now that it’s totally taken over your life?


Forgotten all your friends and family since downloading the app? Is your life now consumed with catching Pokémon at the bus stop or the park?


Well, it looks like there’s a solution to your troubles coming. You’ll be able to talk to all your friends WHILE playing Pokémon GO! The dream is real.


Gaming hardware company Razer has launched Razer GO; an accompanying app to Pokémon GO that – just like the game – uses your location to find other players within a 3, 60, or 600 mile radius to chat to (although it probably works best at a short range)

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You can talk publicly, to members of your team or privately to your friends and pretty soon Razer will be launching an additional feature where you can drop ‘Beacons’ to open a chat room that’s only available near you.

you can't sit with us

Now, for the moment, it’s only available on the web (so that’s desktop only) and it’s over here. However, pending approval from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, it should be available on your phone in the next few days.


Will you be using Razer GO? Would you like to chat to your friends while playing Pokémon GO? Is this a terrible idea? We’re waiting for your opinion @maximumpop

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