MP!’s YouTuber of the week: Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog

Alfie Deyes. The Brighton born and bred hearthrob who makes us happy everyday with his great content. Happy ‘Deyes’ ay!

Our YouTuber of the week here at Maximum Pop! is the one and only Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog. If you don’t know who he is, we are concerned that you’ve probably been living under a rock for a long while.He’s practically social media royalty, the King of YouTube, literally.


He’s bagged himself over 3 million+ subscribers, a gorgeous girlfriend Zoella, awesome YouTube friends and a book deal. Life seems to be going pretty well in Alfie Deyes’ world.

However, the success and rewards he’s receiving didn’t come from nowhere, Alfie’s one of the most hardworking YouTubers out there. As we can see from his daily vlogs, he’s always editing and editing and editing for our viewing pleasure, across 3 different YouTube channels. Impressive stuff,  Mr.Deyes!

Our favourite video this week from the Brighton boy himself is one of his daily vlogs where he takes us around with him to do interviews and a scavenger hunt around New York to meet his fans! What more could he do for us all?

Check it out here:

PointlessBlog isn’t so pointless after all, is it?

What’s your favourite thing about Alfie and his videos? Who was your YouTuber of the week? Let us know and come back next week to see who our next favourite is!

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