What would Pretty Little Liars be like if it was set in England?

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Pretty Little Liars was set in England? We always have, so we put a post together just to see how different it really would be.

  1. Spencer and Aria’s names would be something like Mary and Emma. Spencer is a bit of a wild name over here.


2. The last 2 years of school wouldn’t fit as they’d have moved onto college at 16, unless they stuck it out for sixth form.

3. The girls would definitely not be strutting around school in style, they’d be in a uniform! Hanna would constantly be in detention for rolling her skirt up.


4. The girls would only attend one prom the entire time, and they’d get plastered on vodka before it started.

5. It’d be tea instead of coffee, sorry Spencer.giphy (26)

6. School would only really matter for the last 2 years when they’re taking GCSEs, Spencer can chill for a bit.

7. They’d wear much warmer clothes, it rains 99% of the time basically. Raining-Rain-GIF

8. They’d be riding public transport all the time, buses ftw.

9. Everyone would know their business, ain’t no secrets in secondary school. large (1)

10. There wouldn’t be as many classes and they’d probably bunk off lessons to gossip in the toilets about A.

11. Their eyebrows would be thick, dark and sharpie marked. anne-hathaway-mirror-flirting-playing-with-eyebrows

12. They’d pay someone to buy them booze from Tesco and then get wrecked in a park on the weekend.

13. ‘A’ would be an creepy, lonely middle-aged man because nobody has time to harass teenage girls in this economy. dafoe

Can you think of anything else that would be different about PLL? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop.

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