Pretty Little Liars Recap: Where Somebody Waits For Me

We’re back with another PLL recap this week at MP! We bloody love it and some serious stuff went down this week.

WARNING: There are spoilers for S6 E16 below.

It starts with Hanna and Jordan in bed, in a super cheesy hotel. Love hearts and cupids everywhere. Sorry but we’ll ship Haleb forever.

We jump straight back to where Team Sparia were, and down those ladders is a part of The Radley Sanitorum, hiding its dirty little secrets. It turns out that’s how Sara has been getting in and out of the hotel to mess with the girls, not cool Sara.


Later on, Spencer tells Caleb about Radley, but Caleb also has something to share with her. Spencer then learns about the copies of her mother’s medical records in Yvonne’s phone and that she’s sick.

Finally we get a moment at Ali’s house, but wait, Detective Tanner is there. Our fave gal. She gives us (and Ali and Dr. Rollins) the deets on Charlotte’s murder and she mentions a suspicious phone call.

Back at the Brew, the girls are discussing Radley, then Liam walks in. Err, Liam why are you here? He talks to Aria about Ezra’s book and she gives him more pages, he already knows she wrote it, awks.


Drama at the egg clinic, Emily arrives and it’s shut. There’s been an accident, the power cut, breaking all the freezers and the eggs were destroyed. We think SOMEBODY (coughSARAcough) tried to sabotage it.


Hanna wakes up at the hotel, Jordan is missing. Uh oh. He comes back and explains what happened. There is also an unnerving surprise breakfast.


The girls FINALLY tell Ali about Uber ‘A’ and everything that has happened and what they know. Turns out they were wrong about the murder weapon.


Spencer confronts Mona about Yvonne’s phone from last week and guess what? Mona planned it out! Spencer tells Caleb and he decides to corner Mona in a lift and threaten her.


We have a beautiful Haleb moment with a flashback to them having a bit of relationship drama.

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Ali and Spencer have a heart to heart and we learn more about Dr Rollins and his secret relationship with Alison.



Ezra is back! We learn all he was hiding was Aria’s parents relationship. All the drama for that? pfft.

Now Spencer is ready to confront her mum and the illness, that obvs doesn’t really happen. Later in the barn, Spencer remembers to check the luggage tag on her sisters suitcase. Lo and behold, the possible murder weapon.


Eek! So could Melissa be the murderer? What do you think? Tweet us over @maximumpop with your theories.

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