19 of your tweets that were 100% us when we heard this ‘PLL’ news

Are you as emotionally unstable as us after that ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ mid-season summer finale? Honestly, we feel like a shell of a person and we’ve been left with so many burning questions, too. How dare they make us wait eight whole months?? It is criminal. Not made better by the news that Season 7, the one we’re already halfway through, will in fact be the final season of ‘PLL‘. Brb, we’re just going to sob in the corner.


Yep, although an eighth season had initially thought to be the show’s last, it was announced that Season 7 would be it for our fave liars.

The final 10 episodes are scheduled to air from April 2017 and none of us have been taking it particularly well. Ugh.

Between the saddest news EVER, we also have to deal with how effing lit that mid-season finale was. Caution: spoilers!

And then, just when we thought our hearts couldn’t handle much more, we stumble across this mind f*ck of a theory. Oh hot damn.

As long as everyone survives and our fave couples are endgame, we will be happy. But, tbh, with Spencer’s life hanging in the balance we’re not so sure that’s what we’re gonna get. Maybe that’s why Troian is directing now

At least we have a little longer with our ladies, Troian, Ashley, Shay, Lucy and Sasha though, right?

We’re going to start binge watching from the beginning so that we’re ready when April 2017 eventually comes around. How about you? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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