‘No Control Project’ is going one step further with #PlayNoControlMusicVideoAtOTRA – slay.

The fan single was released, the music video has thousands of views, but Directioners are not stopping there. Next stop, tours! Sort of.

We recently spoke to the girls behind the fan video for No Control and they gave us a little hint as to what their next plan was. Now, we can reveal what it is.

Every good music video gets played before a concert, right? So it’s only fair that this one gets played, too.

Fans are trying to trend #PlayNoControlMusicVideoAtOTRA as well as getting as many Directioners to sign the petition as possible before speaking to the big bosses at management to show just how many people want this to happen. YOU GO, GIRLS.

At the moment, there’s over 600 signatures but there’s a long way to go. Make sure you get involved by signing the petition, tweeting the link and using #PlayNoControlMusicVideoAtOTRA

We can’t wait to watch the fandom slay again.

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