Pixie Lott is ‘going Motown’ for her next album :(

Despite crafting a first album packed with fantastic toe-tappable pop, Pixie Lott’s sophomore set Young Foolish Happy was, though we hate to say it, an all-round disappointment. Occasionally good and occasionally (whisper it) boring, it was a bit of a chart flop, entering at No.18 and spending all of one week in the Top 40.

How is she attempting to turn it around? With a Motown album. Says she: “I’m going to be heading to New York to work with the guys who did the original Motown records in the sixties to make a new album soon.” We’re not exactly who she means by that, given that most of “the guys who did the original Motown records” are either deceased or retired, but whoever she means, we’re not particularly enthralled by the prospect. Occasionally popstars can make the whole Motown-goes-21st-Century thing work  (see: Duffy’s first album), but most of the time they really can’t (see: Duffy’s second album). After all, the Motown golden era has long gone – does anyone really think that a Pixie Lott album will go down in history as one of the genre’s all-time greats?

Good on Pixie for wanting to do something that’s not particularly being done in the charts at the moment, and we really do wish her all the success in the world with it (her record label might not be so forgiving if this one flops too, lest we forget), but we’d be much happier if she jacked in the whole idea and just busted out another album of amazing pop like she did back in 2009.

We miss this Pixie :(

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