Pink releases new single ‘True Love’. POP BITS.

POP BITS. To be honest, we’d kind of been worrying about Alecia Moore – aka Pink – recently, largely due to the amount of balladry she’d been putting out. Not that a softer change of pace isn’t nicer for pop’s feistiest female, but we’ve kind of been missing the fiery side of her.

However, it looks like Pink’s been answering our prayers and has released standout album track ‘True Love’ as her latest single, an upbeat summer anthem about love/hate relationships that kisses with one lyric and punches with the other, a song we reckon will be a mega-hit here in the UK.

Why in the UK, you ask? It might have something to do with the guest spot – the welcome popstar return of Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper as she’s now called herself) for a great middle eight. Whatever the reason, it’s a great choice for a single and we can’t wait for the video to appear. POP BITS OUT.

Listen to ‘True Love’ below:

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