Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love’ – amazing album alert!

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Hi, MP! Pink’s got an album soon hasn’t she?
She certainly has, you observant little fan you. It’s called ‘The Truth About Love’.

‘Truth About Love’? She’s not going all sappy on us is she?
No, no, no – just because she’s all happily married and has an adorable daughter, that doesn’t mean she’s softening her pop-rock approach. Lead single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ is a ballsy, badass stomper of a tune and it’s the template for the rest of the album which, while it’s all about the various shades of romance, isn’t exactly the next Taylor Swift LP.

Good to hear! What is the next single like?
Ah, you mean ‘Try’! ‘Try’ is a gorgeous anthemic ballad with a chorus that’ll stick in your head like a toffee melting in the sun but much nicer. It’s possibly the best ballad on the album although ‘The Great Escape’ comes close.

It’s not all full of ballads though, right…?
Of course not. There’s a lot of fun to be on the album – ‘How Come You’re Not Here’ is a stadium-sized tune while the title track is a sassy delight. ‘Slut Like You’ is a bit of a favourite too – it’s sung with both a smile and a snarl and the cheekiest intro we’ve heard since we last watched ‘The Inbetweeners’.


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The best song on the album?
Hard call but it’s between two of the collaborations – ‘True Love’ with Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper as she’s now calling herself) and ‘Here Comes The Weekend’ with Eminem of all people. The former is a midtempo pop gem and an immensably enjoyable and bright tune while the latter is the ultimate alternative club banger which combines rawk guitars, heavy beats and plenty of drums action to create something cool as hell. It’s also great to see Eminem having fun on a track!

Are those the only collaborations?
‘Just Give Me A Reason’ features Fun. lead vocalist Nate Reuss in a sweet duet that, if we hadn’t had ‘We Are Young’ blaring out of every radio for the past six months, would be an instant hit.

Wow, sounds great! Any not-so-good tunes to watch out for?
Hmm. ‘Are We All That We Are’ is a bit of an underwhelming, overblown opener for the album. ‘Beam Me Up’, while a soft and delicate piece of balladry with heart, isn’t a huge hit either. 

Altogether pretty good then?
Yep, we think so. The overall quality of the album places it amongst Ms Moore’s best. Huzzah!


‘The Truth About Love’ is out Monday 17th September.

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